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Addons for Notecaddy:

Text.Notes - addon for Notecaddy wich allows you to create notes for you, as if you writing down by yourself
Pro.Tools - Popup and articles, primary use on limits of NL25 +, large collection of advanced statistics
Pro.Tools Lite - collection of stat for Notecaddy for those who starts using advansed statistics, usage on NL2-NL25 limits
Pro.Tools Omaha - collection of stats and popups made ​​on the basis of the pack Pro.Tools and adapted for use in PLO games (pre-flop and post-flop besizing, statistics action on various boards)
Pro.Tools CAP - сollection of stats and popups made ​​on the basis of the package Pro.Tools and adapted for use in CAP games (pre-flop and post-flop besizing, pre-flop actions are corrected)
Pro.Tools SNG/MTT - collection of stat and popups with advansed statistics of preflop actions in different stacks (big number of statistics on a preflop)
LeakFinder SNG - This add-on for Notecaddy will help you find leaks on preflop in SNG games (mistakes and leaks in your gameplay and your opponents)


Database analysis - opportunity quickly to see the list of places where you lose money, analysis to be made on 7500 filters, report in Excel file is created
Creating profiles on regulars  - opportunity to explore players of a limit and to optimize your strategy for maximum efficiency of game, ready analyses of regulyar of any limits from NL100/CAP100/PLO100 to NL2k/CAP600/PLO2k


Addons for Notecaddy are created on the basis of researches of game fields NL500/CAP400-600/PLO400-600/SNG buy-in $200/MTT buy-in $200
Steps of betsizes, stacksizes, size of Openraise are made on the basis of the current
dynamics on limits.

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Translations of Text.Notes

If there is no your native language, please contact with us and we will make translation for free.


A great product! It helped in adjusting and with the analysis of opponents. Play on FTP, NL100-200.
It is very convenient, notices are writing when you are playing on many tables and there is no opportunity to write down manually. 
Many thanks to Author!


Bought. Useful and is practical. To author respect for the excellent work.


Projects in developing

» Finding PreFlop / PostFlop leaks for MTT/SNG

More extension opportunities of gameplay analysis, contact with us for more information.