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Notecaddy Pro.Tools Free

Distributed free of charge, you should have license of Notecaddy.

Collection of definitions/stats and pop-ups.
This add-on to Notecaddy allows to better know and understand opponents with whom you play, and will improve your strategy by bringing it to a new level.


Pack/collection composition:

Pop-ups: 12
vsHero statistics: 13 stats
Preflop: 34 stats
Single raised pots (SRP): 137 stats
3bet/4bet pots: 95 stats
Statistics shows ranges:  23 stats
Badges/Informers: 10 indicators

Total amount: 312 definitions

The Notecaddy  Pro.Tools was created after working with NoteCaddy for more than one and a half years and testing various definitions/stats.
This package is the most comprehensive collection of stats for the post-flop game, it offers more information on opponents, covers the maximum gaming situations and brings out more accurate and essential game statistics.

  • Accurate, processed stats
  • New, easy-to-use quality pop-ups
  • It is easier to determine and exploit the opponents' profile, i.e. choose more profitable lines of play.


Popups in bright colors

(*) total number of pup-ups: 12

Popups in dark colors

(*) total number of pup-ups: 12

Popups in grey colors

(*) total number of pup-ups: 12


Pop-ups/optimal distribution of information: 
New, easy-to-use quality pop-ups are available.
A lot of time was spent on the optimization of the distributions of stats in pop-ups from Pre-flop to 4bet pots. Now, thanks to the well-designed ergonomics of distribution of all 832 definitions, You can use all the data on the opponents faster and easier.

The separation of gaming situations will allow you to better understand how your opponents play in general, and against you in particular, as well as identifying their predispositions to various lines of play

Total amount of definitions/stats and badges/informers:
Only those definitions/stats that facilitate the making of better decisions have made it into the pack, and even then the necessary «selection» is done. The use of various badges/informers in the HUD was considered, and as a result their amount was minimized to an optimal size.

Usage at limits:
Notecaddy Pro.Tools – adapted to use at different levels of the game, from micro to high stakes. The general statistics on opponents, positional plays, a high amount of vsHERO stats, as well as a «modular» system of distribution in pop-ups will satisfy the requirements of derivative data at any limit you play.

LIst of badges: BadgesExplanations.pdf
Examplea of usage of popups : ProTools_Pupups.pdf

Notecaddy Pro.Tools – all the required stats for the post-flop game, and the new, easy-to-use quality pop-ups.

How to get Pro.Tools Free?

For using any collection of stats and pop-up Pro.Tools you should have Hm2+Notecaddy.

skype: NoteCaddy.ProTools

Will be glad to answer any questions on Skype

Free: NL2-NL25 Holdem / PLO2-PLO25 Omaha 

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A great product! It helped in adjusting and with the analysis of opponents. Play on FTP, NL100-200.
It is very convenient, notices are writing when you are playing on many tables and there is no opportunity to write down manually. 
Many thanks to Author!


Bought. Useful and is practical. To author respect for the excellent work.


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